The Goldilocks Obituary

A big part of growing up is learning. Some lessons you learn by hearing, some you learn by seeing, some you learn by doing. And other lessons are learned by reading some whacked out stories about wolves and pigs and little girls with baskets. That's right, I'm talking about children's stories. Stories about animals doing … Continue reading The Goldilocks Obituary

Searching For God

Have you ever played the Google Search Game? It’s where you start typing a phrase into Google and take a look at the search recommendations it gives back to you. The suggestions are based on actual searches done by others. For instance, if you go to Google and type in “Why do babies” into the … Continue reading Searching For God

Oh, the Things I’ll Do: A Bible Study of Philippians 4:10-13

If the modern prosperity gospel has a “life verse”, it's Philippians 4:13. Taken on its own, it is a very powerful verse. It might give you the power to lift a car over your head, or survive a jump off a very tall building. Prosperity preachers won't need but the faintest excuse for invoking it, … Continue reading Oh, the Things I’ll Do: A Bible Study of Philippians 4:10-13

Midnight in a Prison Cell (Original Poem)

Such a great poem about God’s mercy and His purpose!!

Empty Tigers, Roaring Seas

Midnight in a prison cell–

What would you expect to see?

Chained men, lying in the dirt

Another night of empty dreams

What would you hear? A leaky pipe,

A whisper, and a stifled cry

But then, a sound cuts through the dark–

A song of praise begins to rise

A hymn of love to God is sung

By men awaiting death at dawn

Their voices, filled with hope and cheer,

Enthrall the men–but somewhere near

A jailer slept, who happened to be

The prisoner God planned to set free.

(Based on Acts 16:25-34)

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