The Translator

So once again we find ourselves surrounded by cheap dying flowers, over-sweetened chocolates and rose scented candles on this; the most romantic day of the year. Unless you’re me, in which case you’ll find yourself surrounded by stacks of unread books, two weeks worth of laundry and a less than enthusiastic about the holidays Jack … Continue reading The Translator

Catches Your Eye

There are few things that you might remember at a glance. Surely you can picture thousands, if not tens of thousands of images over the course of your life that stand out. But how many memories of yours can you say exist based solely on one brief glimpse or striking view of something? Not as … Continue reading Catches Your Eye

Midnight in a Prison Cell (Original Poem)

Such a great poem about God’s mercy and His purpose!!

Empty Tigers, Roaring Seas

Midnight in a prison cell–

What would you expect to see?

Chained men, lying in the dirt

Another night of empty dreams

What would you hear? A leaky pipe,

A whisper, and a stifled cry

But then, a sound cuts through the dark–

A song of praise begins to rise

A hymn of love to God is sung

By men awaiting death at dawn

Their voices, filled with hope and cheer,

Enthrall the men–but somewhere near

A jailer slept, who happened to be

The prisoner God planned to set free.

(Based on Acts 16:25-34)

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