“The Flood is Coming” (A Bible Study on Matthew 24:36-44)

There are always headlines that catch your eye if you're a Christian. We're immediately drawn to topics about abortion, the persecuted church, evangelism; and now, even gay marriage and transgenderism. And while these are all important issues that we're faced with in this country, and even globally; there's one thing that they always have in … Continue reading “The Flood is Coming” (A Bible Study on Matthew 24:36-44)

Jesus Christ, I Thee Wed

At some point over the past couple of months, while I’ve watched and read a lot of debate (some helpful, some not) over the issue of homosexual marriage; it occurred to me that we might be overlooking one aspect of marriage that we almost take for granted nowadays, the wedding itself. We talk about redefining … Continue reading Jesus Christ, I Thee Wed